LDS Pioneer Day Traditions and Ideas

Pioneer Day Party - Call your friends and ask them to bring their pioneer costumes and aprons (if they have one). If they don't, ask them to let you know their size, and you can make them very easily by just buying some cheap fabric and sewing it together with your sewing machine (If you don't have one, the church usually has one or two that you can borrow). They are very easy to make, and you can find directions online. It will take about an hour per dress/suit, but that is why it is better to announce the party about a month before you actually have it. Once everyone has arrived, you can bake pies, tarts, or whatever is easier for you-just make sure that it is one of those old fashioned treats that the women made back then on special occasions. This is very fun, and as long as you are well prepared for all of it, you will have fun, too!

See a Parade - My Husband and I go with our kids to the Days of 47 Parade. When we were first married we decided that we wanted to make that a tradition. We have gone every year sense. It is something really fun for us and our Kids. We bring drinks and candy for us to munch on while we watch the Parade. We look forward to it every year. - Liz Christensen

Toys and Games - Pioneer children had simple toys and games made out of any available materials such as pebbles, rope, pieces of wood, and scraps of material. Dolls were made out of scraps of material and wool. Some toys were made of wood. Many of the games they played are still being played today. OUTDOOR FUN (active) • Rolling the hoop • skipping • sack races or three-legged races • tag • hopscotch • leapfrog • hide and seek • ring toss (or horseshoes) • swings and teeter-totters INDOOR GAMES (or activities that were not as active) • spinning tops • Jack Straws • hand shadows • I Spy • hot and cold • charades • ball and jacks • marbles • checkers • cards • Tic Tac Toe ( Xs and Os) • Cat's Cradle (string games) MORE GAMES (group activities) • Blind Man's Buff • Who has the button? • Ducks Fly • Simon Says • Drop the handkerchief • Shadow Tag • Poor Doggie • Fox and Geese - Erickson Bawden

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