St. Patrick's Day
Traditions and Ideas

Green Food - On St. Patrick's Day all our food is green. We do eat a lot of veggies but anything that is not green we add food coloring to (oatmeal, milk, etc) (Contributed by Kim Foster)

Leprechaun Feet - The kids love coming home from school and finding Leprechaun feet going up the driveway. Find some small doll shoes and some green paint (make sure it's washable.) Paint the bottom of the shoes and stamp them up the driveway, then tell the kids that the Leprechaun brought a pot of gold and left it somewhere in the house. Let the children find your hidden golden chocolate coins that have been hidden.

Eat Irish! - Corn beef and cabbage, potato pancakes are some ideas.

Four Leaf clover Hunt - It is lucky to find a four leaf clover, but even luckier on St. Patrick's day!

Eat Lucky Charms!

Blarney Stone - Make your own blarney stone. Find a nice size rock and paint it green. Paint words on it if you like, for example "Kiss me for Luck" for information on the real blarney stone go to the official site at

Leprechaun Trap - Take a small box lid. Decorate it with green stickers, glitter, etc. Prop the lid open with an unsharpened pencil (Like a mini lean-to). Attach a string to the pencil. Inside the trap, place a small pile of Lucky Charms cereal. Some time during the night, spring the trap. Leave a small note which says ""Sorry I missed you, Lassy/Laddie. Thanks for the treat!" Sprinkle gold glitter or shamrock confetti around the area.


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