LDS Thanksgiving
Traditions and Ideas

Thanksgiving Stockings - We hang up our Christmas stockings on Thanksgiving Day. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve we write something we are thankful for on a piece of paper and put it in our stocking. On Christmas morning we read our whole month's worth of gratitude then put the papers in a scrapbook. - Shannon  Lydic

Thanksgiving Hat - We bought a hat that looks like a turkey. Everyone takes a turn wearing the turkey hat and tells one thing they are thankful for. Michelle Simmons

Give the Ducks a Feast - On Thanksgiving all of the family gets together to not only give our thanks for the many blessings we have through out the past year but, we also go to our local Utah Lake in Provo and feed the ducks. My mom started this when I was about 8 years old and we still do it with all of our children. It's a nice activity before we sit down and eat and become to tired to do anything else. We have had many laughs and good times even as our family's get older. - Jennifer  Homer

10 Blessings - At our house every year, every person puts an olive on each finger. Then as you go around the table, you say something you are thankful for and you eat the olive on your finger. You keep going until you have eaten all of your olive fingers! It's great fun and gets you thinking! - Summer Smith

Thankfulness Turkey - Take a paper turkey body (peanut shaped). Also cut out some fall colored feathers (they should be about as long as the body). Each day before Thanksgiving, add a feather, writing on it what you are thankful for. By Thanksgiving, you will have a beautiful bird. (contributed by Kim Foster)

Show Gratitude - Go around the table and tell something you are thankful for after dinner is over.

Give a Turkey - Find a family (or ask the bishop) who may be short on funds for thanksgiving and give them a turkey dinner.

Story Telling - Tell stories about the pilgrims or a story about how your ancestors came to America.

Thanksgiving Tree - Get as many leaf die cuts as there are family members attending Thanksgiving Dinner. Also have a die cut of a tree with branches (can be found at scrapbook stores) At the top of a piece a scrapbook paper paste the headliner ""I AM THANKFUL FOR"", also paste the tree die cut. Have all family members write down on one of the leaves what they are thankful for (and read out loud) and paste each of the leaves on the tree. This is a lot of fun to see what everybody comes up with, especially the children.  - J. Neerings

Thanksgiving Table Cloth - I have heard of people using the same table cloth every year and they have their whole family write one really specific thing that they were thankful for that year. You use permanent marker so that it doesn't wash off when you put it in the was machine, but what a neat idea. - Bree Emerson

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