LDS Valentine's Day
Traditions and Ideas

Group Dinner - We started a tradition a few years ago, instead of going out to dinner as a couple, we get a bunch of couples together (usually family and close friends) and go out to a nice restaurant. It is so nice to get out and have some great adult conversation. Then, after dinner, we all separate and do our own thing (movie, ice-cream, etc.)

Kids Cards - We give all the our children a valentine card with there favorite candy bar. (Contributed by Carol Blair)

Special Dinner - For Valentine's Day we always have a special dinner. Heart shaped sandwiches, red Jell-O, and cupcakes with hearts on it. (Contributed by Carol Blair)

Hearts Charades - After a special family valentines dinner, it is fun to play "Hearts Charades" use the conversational hearts as the things you have to act out. (Contributed by Carol Blair)

Valentine Bingo - Make a bingo board and write conversational slogans or you can put the hearts themselves there if you have enough. Then  pick one at a time from your pile; hoping of course that they will match the ones you pick. (Contributed by Cassandra Speath)

I Love You in Any Language! - Use these "I Love You's" on Valentine card or on a cassette tape or any other fun way

Valentine Family Mailbox - Decorate a box and place a big slit in it. have a "Valentine Station" with cards, stamps, stickers, ribbon, markers, etc. so that throughout the day, kids can stop and make cards for everyone in the family. Have them drop them in the box when they are done. Open the box before bed and let everyone read their own mail

Jigsaw Card - Make a valentine card by drawing a heart or a special message and cutting it up into a jigsaw puzzle.

Valentines Coupons - Pick and print a coupon to give to a valentine. Coupon 1, Coupon 2, Coupon 3, Coupon 4, Coupon 5

Valentines Poetry - Write a funny or romantic poem, get some ideas here.

Heart Attack - I like to do what is called a ""heart attack"". You cut out a lot of construction paper hearts. Then pick someone special to give a heart attack to, go to their house or room and scatter the hearts everywhere. On the backs of the hearts, you can write things that you like or appreciate about someone. - Erin Mathie


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