LDS Veteran's Day
Traditions and Ideas

Thank a Veteran - Call a Veteran and tell them "happy Veteran's Day" (my sister calls may husband every Veteran's Day even though he was only in the service for a few years. It makes him feel good that his service didn't go unnoticed)

Dress for Church - The Sunday before, all the active duty men in our ward wear their uniforms to church.

Visit a Local Memorial - We like to visit a local Veteran's Memorial or Cemetery and quietly reflect on what Veteran's Day is all about and reverently discuss it with our children. It is awesome to hear what they have to say about what our freedoms mean to them and how they appreciate veterans. - Cassandra Spaeth

Flag Ceremony - (Only if you know a bugler like myself) Hold a flag ceremony where the bugler plays taps and then everybody in the ceremony recites the Pledge of Allegiance. - Nicholas Nelson

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