by Robert Louis Stevenson

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 A fast-paced classic adventure including "a dare-devil companion, intrigues, narrow escapes and desperate fighting." 

The tale of the young, orphaned David Balfour is off to meet Uncle Ebenezer (hmm, have the great writers demonized this name?).   As you surmised, Ebenezer tricks, evicts, and strips David of his fortune.
This begins the exciting travels and travails of this young teen, soon to be a man.

One of my favorite additions to any good adventure is a map.  The map must mark the travels of the main character.  This particular book (at least in my aged edition) includes one entitled "The Map of Scotland for the reader of KIDNAPPED".  Very cool!  And to top it off Stevenson wrote Kidnapped using Scottish lingo.  This makes the book a bit more difficult, but it should not be a nut to hard to crack.

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Stevenson, the poet, is a family favorite. 
Here is my review of A Child's Garden of Verses

OK, I cannot control sharing this last thought.  If your family has never read By the Great Horn Spoon and you are thirsting for adventures like the above selection...well get it and have a blast!

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