Watership Down (fiction)
By Richard Adams

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"You have to read this rabbit book," my sister insisted! 
"Uh, no thank.  Not particularly interested in a book with animal dialogue" I said.
"No really Caryn, you have to read it!"

Now people, this is more than a rabbit book.  It's a comfort book.  A book about underdogs.  A book about differences.  A book about true love.  A book about, ok, rabbits!  But more.  A book about hope and virtue, community and putting up a dog gone fight!  A book about doing what's right under pressure. 

The day after finishing this book I was out driving in the country.  I came upon a freshly hit rabbit.  I suppose I took this book a bit too seriously as I never had been so emotional before, or since, about road-kill!

Now I am into the Hank the Cow Dog series!  Thanks Sis!                                                                      Visit Hank the Cow Dog Review
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