Spiritual Development

Hero's Night - We held a hero's night where we had some speakers come and talk to us about their service with the military. One speaker had served in Vietnam and another was a current servicemen who had been in Iraq. They focused on how the gospel had helped them through their service. We also honored any current servicemen that we had serving in our ward. We honored them and their mothers. Then we had refreshments afterward and put together packages to send to the troops. It was a great night with lots of tears!

Favorite Scripture - Have a favorite scripture story class. set it up like a discussion group or a book club, so everyone can discuss  each story. Have everyone in the class read their favorite scripture story and tell why it is their favorite. If you have a small group, have a few scripture stories ready to read and talk about. 

A Walk with Christ - My ward just had a great activity and they called it "A walk with Christ". We all met at the chapel and we were asked to bring our scriptures. After the invocation, a small talk from the RS president and a special music solo, we divided into small groups and went to different classrooms. the first classroom had a nativity set and background music, after that one of the sisters read in Mark about the birth of Christ. Then we went from room to room having spotlights of the life of our Savior, from his birth to his resurrection. At the end we met again in the chapel and listen to several sisters playing the piano and we were invited to write our testimonies with paper and pencils provided or to have a reverent scripture study time. It was very uplifting and I really enjoyed it - A Serrano

Sunday Activities - Often on Sundays it is difficult to find things to do that are appropriate. Use THIS list, from our Family fun, gospel activities, section, to teach a lesson.

Scripture Study - Have a class on how to study the scriptures, using cross references etc. Use our Book of Mormon Chart, in our teen section. You can also use our seminary scripture bookmarks (from our LDS Teens section as well. They have some great scriptures on them!

Temple Night - When people arrive hand them a name at the door. have them come in and sit down. Have different people come out, dressed in the clothes of when they lived, like a Pioneer family, a medieval dressed woman, etc. After the family comes out, have them tell about what it was like when they lived, how they died and how they long to be a family together forever. Have them then ask the audience if anyone has their name. If so, the family hugs, etc. if not, they walk off disappointed. Continue along with different characters. Let them explain how they are ready to except the plan but are waiting for baptism, etc. After all the characters are done, have someone (the bishop, etc) give a short talk about doing work for the dead. - Rachelle Anderson

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