Sunday LDS Activities
Many times it is difficult to find uplifting things to do on Sunday. ldsSplash hopes this page will provide you with a few ideas to make your Sabbath more purposeful.  Share your favorite Sunday activities HERE

Sabbath Stations - An entertaining Sabbath day activity

Write a Talk - If the kids seem that there is nothing to do on Sunday you can pick a topic and have them write a talk. Afterwards they can present it to you are the entire family. The kids enjoy doing it. - Kim Foster

Play church board games:) - Emily Tedford

Read Church Magazines - If they are not available, printout an article from the churches website.

Gratitude - list 10 things to be grateful for - Jenny

Prepare for the next days Family Home Evening Lesson - I flessons are prepared on Sunday, there is no rush to do it on Monday (check our Family Home Evening section)

Visit - those you know who are ill or you think might be lonely.

Have an Elderly Person Tell You (and your children) About Their Past - Take a tape recorder with you and type up the interview for them.

Set long term and short term goals - Attending the temple every month, developing a  talent, etc.

Write in your journal - If you don't have a journal use the computer (remember to save and extra copy on a disc. For young children write in a journal for them and let them draw pictures in it.

Make a Bank (out of jars or boxes) - Make it into three sections Tithing, Saving (Mission or College) and Spending.

Have a Family Music Recital - Everyone split up alone or in groups, practice a song and perform for each other.

Plan a Temple Trip - Kids love to see the temple as well, Or call for a babysitter or just put it on the calendar with a permanent marker.

Get a Package Together to Send to a Missionary - Put the package together and make a list of extra things to pick up at the store during the week. Missionaries in other countries often don't have access to Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup (make sure you send a pancake recipe from scratch), Deodorant, Doritos, Oreos, Chocolate Chips (Recipe for cookies are usually on the back), etc.

Prepare Your Visiting Teaching or Home Teaching Message - Call and make you appointments.

Listen and Learn About Classical Music - Here are some good tips for getting started.

Make a Set of Paper Dolls Representing Your Family - Cut out faces (or print outfaces) from pictures, or let the kids draw their own.

Compose Poetry or Write a Story -  (if writing a story, check HERE for some tips)

Write letters, thank you cards, get well cards, etc.

Learn the Missionary Discussions - It is great to learn these in order to prepare for a mission or just to be a great  member missionary. These can be purchased at the Church Distribution Center or their website (type in the key word "discussions").

Make a Puzzle - Use a picture from an old church publication (or find a picture online and print it out.

Study Church History - Use the church history Manuel or pick a chapter out of the Doctrine and Covenants.
Memorize - Find a favorite scripture, hymn, story or poem.

Art - Learn about the great artists or study about a certain paining or sculpture.

Set Missionary Goals - Some goals can be: Bring a friend to church, invite them to Family Home Evening, give them a Book of Mormon, Ask them if they would like to learn more about our church by meeting with the missionaries.

Write a Family Newsletter - There are alot of computer programs that will help you with this. Printmaster is a good one. Tell recent stories of your family. Send it to Grandparents, Grandchildren, family member missionaries, etc.

Read a Good Book - They have a good variety at

Visit Family or Friends - (or Invite someone over that might need a friend)

Study the Scriptures by Picking a Topic - Look in the topical guide for a topic that you are interested in or struggling with.

Write to the Friend, New Era, or Ensign - The instructions where to send articles, etc. are in the front of the magazine. My 3 year old daughter sent a picture into the Friend and it was published a year later (you never know)

Looking at Memories - Look through old family photos or scrapbooks.

Scripture Book - Each Sunday have the kids (and adults too) draw pictures of different scripture stories. Put them in a book and use them for Family home Evening or to take to church.

Memorize the 12 Apostles - Make up a story that has the last names of the 12 apostles in order, a story easy to remember, for example, "Once upon a time there was a fruit "Packer" named Boyd. Every day for lunch Boyd would take eat a pear with an "E" on it (Perry). One day his coworker said "How can you eat a pear every day. I would hate that (Haight)."
To check the correct order, look in your conference edition ensign  


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