For parents who want to keep within a budget consider this idea--Give your child a set amount for the wedding/Reception. Whatever money is left is your gift to the Bride and Groom. A family I know who did this had a very elegant wedding, but the bride was very careful in making purchases. She settled for a less expensive dress, invites, and food. Nobody knew it was a budget reception.

Grocery store wedding cakes are generally less expensive than bakeries.

We had fresh flowers on our cake. We asked our caterer to order enough flowers not only for the cake but also for our center pieces and our bouquets. She charged us the cost of the additional flowers so we were able to get them at wholesale prices and they all matched perfectly. We then had a bouquet making party the night before the wedding. Our moms, brides maids, aunts, and anyone else we could recruit came to make the bouquets. My mom provided some simple snacks and all the girls had a good time visiting while making the bouquets. - Cassandra Spaeth

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