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My name is Caryn Jensen Stapp.  I live about twenty miles outside the great city of Sacramento, CA. My husband Curtis and I have four children.  Our favorite date is hanging out at the book store and eating at a local salad joint called Pluto's.

I started a successful book group (Girl Meets Book) many years ago.  I have attempted over the years to find a source of clean books. To no avail. So, I decided what fun it would be to start a cool online book group to encourage reading from the best books. So here you'll find some of the hidden gems I've dug up.

My criteria for choosing monthly books?  
1.  I follow these clean book guidelines here!
2.  A mix of classic, spiritual, historical, fiction, humor, etc. (for a well rounded you!)
3.  I try to pick paperback as not to break the bank.
4.  Nothing way popular--Harry Potter, Twilight you already know about these books. 
5.  Strong characters with an uplifting moral.
6.  Last of all, is it a book I can't wait to curl up with when the kids are tucked into bed.

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~Happy Reading~
                                     ~Caryn ~
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