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Fun with Paper

Check out our
 paper airplanes

Make a Paper Basket - Here are directions how to make a paper box or basket out of one piece of paper.

Make a Puzzle - Draw a favorite picture (make sure the paper is mostly covered with some sort of drawing) and cut it into puzzle pieces. Have a friend put it together. (You can also make a "Get Well", "I miss you" or a "Thank you" puzzle, depending on what you draw). - Rachelle Anderson

Make a Mini Envelope. Choose from 3 styles.

Mormon Coloring Pages - Have fun coloring these pages from the scriptures.

Nicks Claws - Make these fun claws. these are pretty difficult and might need an adult to help.

Dioramas - Print out small dioramas for your dresser or desk.

Pinwheels - Make your own pinwheels here. Two colors to choose from.

Nauvoo - Print out, and build the town of Nauvoo!

Paper Beads - Cut a bunch of small colored triangles. Wrap one triangle around a wire so that when you are done there is just one corner of the triangle showing. Glue that corner down. Remove the "bead" once the glue dries and bead it onto string for a necklace. (diagram)

Paper Eater - Could be a bird beak or an alligator. Pick up stuff with it. You Just need 1 piece of paper and some scissors.

Paper House - Get some tape and scissors to make this little house out of paper.

Goose Whistles - Use our printout to make three goose whistles.

Finger Puppets - Printout out THESE finger puppets (works best on cardstock). Cut out the black holes and put two fingers though them to make feet!

Magic Box - this is a fun box that only takes a few minutes to make and is tricky to open.

Star - Make a star following these easy directions

LDS Book Marks - Printout out these bookmarks on cardstock. Punch out the hole and tie some string or ribbon through to have your own bookmark! BOOK OF MORMON, TEMPLE