LDS New Years
Traditions and Ideas

Time Capsule  - (This isn't really a tradition, but a fun activity) Last year we spent new years at my sister's house. She had a great idea to make a time capsule. She told everyone coming to here house to bring something to add to it (newspapers, little toys, etc,). After we arrived she had a questionnaire that we all filled out and she put it in the time capsule also. some of the questions were: what is your favorite meal? where do you thing you will be in 15 years, etc.) We are going to open it the New Years after her son returns from his mission (he is three years old).

Leave all Behind - We write all the bad things that we did or that happened in the past year and burn it while counting backwards and leave all the bad things behind. - Carlos Avila

Grapes - In Spain as in many Latin American countries, each person eats 12 seedless grapes (red or white) for each month of the new year. In our home, we have a contest as to who eats the grapes the fastest, whoever wins will have good luck in the new year. The grapes are eaten exactly at midnight. - Claudia Fernandez

Fireworks - we save some fireworks every 4th of July and use them at New Years. (Check your county laws before lighting them). (Contributed by Rachelle Anderson)

Switch the Clock - When our children were younger, we would set the clock ahead two ours, so we would celebrate New Year's at 10:00pm and the children would never know. (Contributed by Carol Blair)

Whistling - Have a whistling contest at midnight with the neighborhood. (contributed by Caryn Stapp)

Hats - It is fun to make new years hats to give to guests. New Years Eve Day have the kids make cone hats for everyone out of construction paper. Use staples and string to tie the hats on. Click HERE to see pictures.

Prize Give-a-Way - This game was a HUGE hit at our last New Years party! Best if played with kids and adults!

Traditional Food - My family was Pennsylvania Dutch so we have to have Sauerkraut and Pork with mashed Potatoes. My husband (Italian) and I now have shrimp with bacon and eggnog (homemade) on New Years Eve. - Judy

Bag O' Balloons - A fun New Years party game for adults, (kids can help). Best with at least 8 adults (4 on each team).

Bayberry Candle - "I'm 61 years young and for as long as I can remember there has always been a bayberry candle lit on New Years Eve and allowed to burn all night, down to where it burns itself out. It is considered to bring good luck for the coming year if allowed to do so. I have no clue as to where this tradition was started, but would certainly like to know. If you know where or when this tradition started email me at Thanks" "Dan" "Schoenstra (Cols. OH)"

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