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THE OINKING GAME - Everyone stands in a circle each holding out a spoon. There is a person who is in the middle who is blindfolded. The person in the middle spins around a few times while everyone else switches places. The person in the middle then finds someone's spoon and oinks at that person. The person that is oinked at has to oink back. The person in the middle has to guess who it is. If he/she guesses wrong, then the person with the spoon shakes the spoon. the person in the middle continues until he/she guesses right. the person that the person in the middle guesses right has to be in the middle. it's hilarious!  - Brittany

Keep Talking - A great game for people who like to talk (and laugh)

 1-100 Game - You need: Paper for each player 1 pen 2 dice First the group of players pick a random number of a dice (1-6) (example: you picked 3) Each person take turns rolling the dice until someone rolls a double of the you number you picked (example: you have to roll two 3's) the person who rolled the double takes the pen that is in the middle and starts writing 1-100 (exm: 1,2,3,4,etc...) the rest of the people keep rolling the dice until someone else gets a double, that person then rips the pen out of the person that is currently writing's hand and begin writing 1-100 on his paper. This goes on until someone gets to 100 and wins the game. Note: Play this game where you can be as loud as you want cause people will yell and have tons of fun!!!!! - Ryanne

The Big Bag Challenge - A fun and easy party game

BLOB - This game is played best with a larger group of people in a large open room to play. The player who is it tries to run around and tag another player. Once he or she has tagged someone, the two must hold hands and try to tag another person with their free hand. Each time another person is tagged, they must join the line of people holding hands. Only the two people on the ends of the line can tag, but the middle of the line (or "blob") can try to trap the other players who are not part of the blob yet. Players may try to squeeze through the blob to get away while the blob can close together to trap him or her trying to go between them. The last person free from the blob wins. - Erin

Fruit Basket - A party favorite!

Spoons - Some people call this this loud game Donkey!

Charades - A classic

Speed Chocolate - Play a game and eat chocolate too! What could be better!

Smell the Broom - Youíll need to clue in two of your guestsóa "smeller" and a "broom holder"óto how this next idea works. At your party one guest should brag to the group about his keen sense of smell and volunteer to demonstrate this sense by "smelling out" the spot where a youth group member touches a broom handle. Have your broom holder hold a broom in both hands, with the handle parallel to the floor. After the smeller leaves the room, ask someone from the audience to touch the broom handle anywhere the volunteer chooses. Call the smeller back into the room to smell the broom handle and detect the spot where the person touched it. As the smeller moves his nose across the broom handle, he keeps his eyes on the broom holderís feet (she should have shoes on). When the smellerís nose crosses the spot where the broom was touched, the holder moves the toes of one foot up and down very slightly to indicate to the smeller that his nose just crossed the spot that was touched. The smeller, now knowing where the spot is, can point to it and ask if the audience wants to try again. If the movement is slight enough, it wonít be detected and can really stump the crowd. Itís a lot of fun

To Tell the Truth - A fun game about truth and what seems like the truth.

Flour Power - A fun game for any age

Liar, Liar - Can you tell when someone is lying? (A good getting to know you game)

Toothless - Everyone sits in a circle in chairs. everyone chooses a fruit they want to be. NO one can be the same fruit. Choose one person to start. That one person has to say the name of someone else's fruit. The trick though is: when you talk, you cant show your teeth (you have to tuck your lips under your teeth). If you show your teeth, you are out. It gets hard because, when you talk without showing your teeth, it sounds and looks funny so when you laugh at that person, you might end up showing your teeth. A very fun games. - Kaci

Airplane Ride - Take a cool trip to the ceiling!

Michikai - A fast thinking party game. (Contributed by Ken Hodgson)

Fork and Spoon - You will need a: fork, a spoon, and at least 4 players. You start by giving the fork and spoon to one of the players, they then turn to the left and say to the person sitting next to them; "This is a fork", the person to the left says; "what is it?" Then the person with the fork repeats "this is a fork", and the person to the left takes it. And that person does it to the person on their left. Then do the same with the spoon except go to the right. If a person messes up they are out and it starts allover again. (Erin)

Measuring for a Coffin - Have everyone that hasn't played leave the room. Have the first person come out. Tell the you are going to measure them for a coffin. have them lay down like they are dead. Measure their head size, head to foot, neck, around wrist, hip width, etc, measure ankle, and lift leg. them poor water down their pant leg.

Mind Magnet -  Print and cut out THIS circle. Lay it in the middle of the room on the floor. Have everyone write their name on a small paper. Collect all the names. Blindfold one player at a time and move them somewhere in the room, far from the circle. Have them touch their forehead to the spot where they think the circle is. Once they have put down their forehead, place the paper with their name on it in that spot. (once they put there hands down, they are not aloud to move from that spot).  The closet one to the circle wins.

Word Hunt - Printout as many of THESE sheets as you think you might need. (probably one sheet for every 2-4 players). Cut out all the letters individually.  Hide them around the party area. Give all the guest a bag (to collect the letters in) . Once all the letters have been found, have each player see how many words they can make with the letters they found. They can only use each letter once. Use this SCORING SHEET to track the points. the person with the most points wins!

Psychiatrist! - Its a fun one!! You have everyone sit in a circle and pick one person to be the "psychiatrist" that is going to try and figure out what is wrong with the people in the circle. The psychiatrist leaves the room for a minute and your team figures out something they could do that confuses the one person. for example, every time someone says the word "and" everyone would act like they were on a merry-go-round. Or you answer every question with the lyrics of a song. You get more and more creative as you go. It's really fun when you pick really crazy things to do and its fun to be the psychiatrist too! - Chelsea 17


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