Water Balloon Volleyball. - Split into two teams and on each team split into partners. Each set of two gets one towel (use old towels because they may tear). Take a water balloon and set it into the towel, and fling it over the net. Just like volleyball but you use water balloons instead of a volleyball and towels instead of hands.- Heidi

Ware wolf - This is kind of like hide and seek/tag. 1 person will go and hide and will be a "ware wolf". The others will go close their eyes and make a pose and say-1 o`clock.... up to 12 o`clock and yell WAREWOLF!!! Then they will go to look for the ware wolf and once he is found-they will yell ware wolf and run back to their spot and "pose" in their "pose". At this time the ware wolf will try to tag someone and then that person is a ware wolf. - Sarah Holloway

Throw and Run - First you get a can or bottle to throw. Then someone has to be it. Once you throw the item everyone starts to run. While the person runs to get it everyone hides. When the person comes back he tries to look for everybody. Once he/she finds somebody they run and get the bottle and say,"1,2,3 I see (whoever it is)!"then that person is out, but can still help the other players. I hope you like this game.- Alex

Giant Balloons - Buy some Giant balloons (they usually have pretty big ones at craft/party stores. Fill one up (you might have to use a bucket to start) and then send the kids out to play with it. They'll love it!

Steal the Bacon - quite different than steal the flag, but a blast to play.

Outdoor Movie - We would get our sleeping bags, make popcorn, and move the TV outside and have a movie night in the backyard under the stars. (contributed by Kim Foster)

Test you 72 hour Kit - Plan a 3 day camping trip and take only your 72 hour kit. It is a good way to see if your kit is sufficient. (contributed by Cassandra Spaeth)

Steal the Flag - There are hundreds of versions, but we give directions for our favorite.

Make a Kite - Check out these sites for flag making, Spend the day flying them.

Car Wash - Wash the car as a family, be sure to get on olds clothes. It is impossible to wash the car without a water fight starting.

Nature Hike - Obtain a 2 bird books or plant books. Break into teams. Have a contest to see who can identify the most species.

Start a Garden - A garden is a fun project for the entire family, and can be planted any time of year. Check your local nursery to see what grows the best in your area and when. Plant a salsa or a pizza garden (using the ingredients to make the pizza or salsa when you are done).

Biggest Balloon Ever - A huge balloon easily made for kids to play on. REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION.

Stick Racing - (Requires a rainy day)

Obstacle Course - Make an obstacle course using things to crawl under, climb though and jump over. Use garden furniture, old tires boxes, and mud or puddle of water to jump over, if available.

Frisbee Golf - Each player has a Frisbee. One player picks a target and everyone sees how many throws it takes to hit the target. The picker of the target rotates until all have had a turn to pick. You add the scores up and the one with the lowest at the end of the game wins.

Bird Feeder - Get a bird feeder in you backyard. Purchase a guide for birds so your children can determine which birds are coming to the feeder.

A Walk - I like to go on a family walk.- Kathrine Chavez

Travel Journal - A printable travel journal to take on a week long or day trip!

Eeny Anny Over - A one story house with no fences is required for this FUN game!

Sardines - Our family loves this one. it is the opposite of hide and seek. the group counts while one person hides. when one person finds the hider he joins him until everyone is hiding, the first person who found the hider gets to hide next. your crammed into some of the funniest places all together and it is so much fun. - Danille Woodland

Blind Obstacle Course - My idea is where you set up a series of objects big and small in your yard. There can be up to 4 players. Two of these players are to hide some kind of object like an Easter egg. Then the two other player and then blind folded and handed a stick to wave in front of their feet to contact objects. The person that finds the most eggs wins and then each of the two players on both sides switch and play again for enjoyment. - Sarah B.

Fun - A butterfly hunt! Bug catching! Play in the pool! Play on a swing set! Play hide and seek! Play tag! -  Jaden, age 8

Soccer - Soccer- Its simple. Grab a soccer ball. Make to goal posts. Make two teams. And play  - John Hernandez

Hint Hide-and-Seek - One person it, and everyone else is hiding. The person that's it has to yell, give me a hint, then you say the persons name like: give me a hint Micheal. And that person would go i'm in a place where you would send MAIL. So apparently by the mail box. So once you've found them, they have to run back to the house and don't help the person that's it. Now when the last person is found they have to say what they're thankful for in this world. (Oh yeah you have to yell what you're thankful for.) - Skylar

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